Objects & Places from The Stranger Beside Me

Ann Rule
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Tallahassee, Florida

This is the location Ted escapes to in 1978 where he murders several college coeds as well as a young girl.

4143 12th N.E. Street, Seattle

This is the address where Ted lives for five years with the Rogers family.

Seattle Crisis Clinic

This organization is the place Ann and Ted work the night shift in 1971 and part of 1972.

University of Puget Sound

This is the law school in which Ted enrolls in late 1973.

Olympia, Washington

This location is the center of much of the book's events, starting with Katherine Merry Devine's murder investigation.

4325 8th N.E. Street, Seattle

This is the street address where student Joni Lenz is found attacked in her bed on January 4, 1974.

5517 12th N.E. Street, Seattle

This is the place from which Linda Ann Healy is abducted. At a separate location, Linda is murdered.

Evergreen State College

This is the institute of...

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