The Stranger Beside Me Fun Activities

Ann Rule
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Become an Investigative Journalist

What would it be like to play the role of an investigative journalist like author Ann Rule? In this activity, you're going to find out.

Your assignment is to interview 3-5 other classmates on a topic related to something that recently happened and then using your results to write a one-page investigative report. You'll have to merge the answers you get to form a cohesive investigative piece of writing.

Write a Persuasive Script

Periodically, the author of "The Stranger Beside Me" writes fictionalized dialogue to give the reader an understanding of how Ted Bundy might have spoken to those he deceived.

Using your own powers of persuasion, write a script between two people. One person should want to do something that might not be entirely appropriate or well-meaning and the other should not want to do something. Ultimately, the person who wants to do...

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