The Stranger Beside Me Character Descriptions

Ann Rule
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Theodore Bundy

This individual is an intelligent, charming lawyer with a sociopathic personality.

Ann Rule

This person is a true crime novelist who was a co-worker of a serial killer with whom the character had a 17-year association.

Eleanor Louise Cowell Bundy

This individual gave birth to a son while she was unmarried. Her relationship with that son may have contributed to his sociopathic feelings toward younger women.

Johnnie Culpepper Bundy

This person marries a woman whose son was born out of wedlock, providing them all with a stable life.

Stephanie Brooks

This person is the key love interest of a man who, later in life, commits heinous crimes against young women.

Freda and Ernst Rogers

These Seattle-based people unknowingly rent a room to a serial killer.

Meg Anders

This individual falls in love with a psychopathic individual who exploits her fragile self-confidence and manipulates her emotions. In...

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