The Stranger Beside Me Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Rule
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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• "The Stranger Beside Me" is a nonfiction book written from the perspective of serial killer Ted Bundy's long-time friend, investigative journalist Ann Rule.

• The material in the book has been compiled by Ann Rule using information such as media and police reports, victims' statements, eyewitness accounts, and letters written to her from Ted Bundy before and after his incarceration.
• Ted Bundy is born on November 24, 1946, as the illegitimate son of Eleanor Louise Cowell. Throughout his childhood and into his adult life, he is led to believe that Eleanor is his sister and that her parents (Ted's maternal grandparents) are his parents.

• After Ted graduates from high school with above average grades, he enters college and falls in love with Stephanie Brooks, who ultimately rejects him. It is this rejection, along with the deception of his true parentage, that Rule surmises is one of the major catalysts...

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