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Short Answer Questions

1. What word was used to describe the comments and promises made by both political parties during the 1956 conventions?

2. What word is used to mean something that is required by law?

3. The appointment of a(n) _________ in South Carolina fueled even more racial violence.

4. In what year were the Slaughter House Cases tried?

5. Which is not part of the group that referred to blacks as being lazy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What group of states announced that it would integrate their schools? What was the opinion of the school systems in the Deep South regarding the time line?

2. Did either party have a leader that stood up to take a strong stand on integration? What was the call put forth at the 1956 conventions?

3. What was the first group to back down from the extreme fight against racism?

4. What happened when the courts finally set up a strict implementation plan? Who was in charge?

5. What input did scholars have on racism? What sections of this group were most influential in the opinion?

6. What was a major missing element in the battle for Progressive reform?

7. The satire that appeared in the press may have been a portent of things to come. Explain.

8. What major action taken in Arkansas caused a national uproar? What happened as a result of the actions?

9. What was believed to be the cause of the Second Reconstruction?

10. What happened that caused the people opposed to segregation to back down?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author talks about blacks leaving white churches in order to form their own. One of the most famous Southern black churches was the AME Church. What is the AME Church? Describe the church, its founders, mission, purpose and actions. Where was the church based? How many affiliates were there? How was the church affiliated with the black community? Does the church still exist?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss in detail the 1956 Republican and Democratic political conventions. How were the main issues regarding racism and segregation addressed? Which party was the most vocal about the issues at hand? What was happening with school integration at that point? Which party was first to step up to support federal law to integrate southern schools?

Essay Topic 3

The book makes several references to the landmark case of Oliver Brown v. The Board of Education. The case took place during the height of the racial upheaval in the south in the 1940s and 1950s, mainly in Little Rock, AR. Discuss the court case and all of its details. What was the final decision in the case? When was the case resolved? Do you think that the actions of the Little Rock Nine and their families and friends had a significant impact on the case and the future of southern education? Explain.

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