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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was not a word used to describe the downtrodden state of many of the supporters of racial equality?

2. Racists often referred to Negroes as lacking which of the following?

3. New Orleans was a unique city in the South. The author refers to it as being which type of city?

4. In 1906, this city in Georgia was under siege with many people being murdered and lynched.

5. What word was used to describe the comments and promises made by both political parties during the 1956 conventions?

Short Essay Questions

1. Did either party have a leader that stood up to take a strong stand on integration? What was the call put forth at the 1956 conventions?

2. What violation of civil rights was caused and supported by the regression of blacks?

3. Describe the three day siege in New Orleans and why it was an extreme example of white aggression.

4. Describe the riots that took place during 1919. How many cities experienced the racial violence?

5. What happened in the 1920s that further suppressed racial equality? What group gained immense power at this time?

6. What happened when the courts finally set up a strict implementation plan? Who was in charge?

7. What event precipitated the New Reconstruction? How was compliance enforced?

8. What common enemy helped to ease racial tensions? What was the common goal? Who supported the goal?

9. What input did scholars have on racism? What sections of this group were most influential in the opinion?

10. Name some of the reasons for the group to ease back on their efforts.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the most common the signs of defiance is the Confederate flag. In modern times, the Confederate flag is often considered to be racist. Compare and contrast the United States flag with the Confederate flag. Where did the makers of each flag get the idea for its design? Do you feel that the Confederate flag should be banned due to its history?

Essay Topic 2

The book makes several references to the landmark case of Oliver Brown v. The Board of Education. The case took place during the height of the racial upheaval in the south in the 1940s and 1950s, mainly in Little Rock, AR. Discuss the court case and all of its details. What was the final decision in the case? When was the case resolved? Do you think that the actions of the Little Rock Nine and their families and friends had a significant impact on the case and the future of southern education? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the actions of the federal government during the height of racial violence following the end of the Reconstruction. Compare and contrast those actions with those in other riotous situations such as riots that took place in Los Angeles, Watts, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C..

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