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Short Answer Questions

1. What item was often provided to slaves, much to the surprise of the current white population?

2. In which of the coastal states did blacks continue to hold political or public office?

3. In what year did the approval for voting appear?

4. Although there was close proximity of the slaves and land owners, it did not mean that there was a sense of long term ______.

5. By separating the whites from the blacks, it was believed that the blacks would remain _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Name at least one major change that took place during the Redemption.

2. What important period does the third segment of the history follow? How does it relate to the others? How was this period characterized?

3. What threatened the main order of the way things were in the south? What court case was seen as a landmark case in regards to segregation?

4. Despite the relationships that may have developed in this setting, one should never assume that it would affect what part of the relationship?

5. What major step is included in the second phase of history in the south? What was it called?

6. Describe the atmosphere regarding the presence of blacks in public and private facilities during the late 19th century.

7. While some locales seemed to have some improvement regarding segregation, there were other places where other phenomena were appearing. Explain.

8. The laws responsible for keeping blacks have developed a nickname. What was the name and where did it supposedly come from?

9. How did the coastal northern states tend to differ in opinion from the northeastern states that were located further inland? Explain.

10. It has been shown that full-fledged segregation occurred in the North, and was transported to the South after the Civil War. Discuss this fact.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The NAACP has had a great deal of involvement in the civil rights of blacks. Explain how the NAACP got involved, who supported the group, and who was against the NAACP. Write a detailed opinion on your views regarding the NAACP's involvement. Was it a hindrance or a help? Examine the actions and motives of the organization.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss police involvement in the Old South. How did the police react to racial violence? Were the police true to the law or were their actions biased? If the actions were biased, in what way were they biased and by whom? How could the blacks know if the police were on their side? What might have been done to ensure that the police were on hand to protect and serve?

Essay Topic 3

Give examples of specific acts of racial violence in white neighborhoods. Focus on various ethnicities and not just blacks. Also use immigrants as targets for racial and ethnic violence.

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