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Short Answer Questions

1. In what month did the Brown case come to an end?

2. What is the term used for a society in which the people of highest rank are the ones in charge?

3. What word best describes how the liberals felt about that particular policy?

4. Blacks were allowed to be an integrated part of the crowds on "common carriers." Which of the following is not a common carrier mentioned in the book?

5. The actions that took place in the South during this period are often thought of as being a/an:

Short Essay Questions

1. Overall, how can the all of the segments be bound to one specific group or cause? What was the outcome as far as how it has progressed?

2. Despite the advances made in race relationships since the end of the Civil War, the battle between the North and South still carries some weight. Discuss this concept and why it is still a popular issue.

3. What actions and events was the most recent phase responsible for bringing about?

4. The author gives examples of the types of places in which segregation was prevalent. Name some of those social and political arenas.

5. What kind of impact did the court case have on government agencies?

6. Explain at least one of the reasons the whites wanted to press the issue of blacks being an inferior race.

7. What important period does the third segment of the history follow? How does it relate to the others? How was this period characterized?

8. Discuss the court system in regards to racial segregation.

9. Although conservatives were often the enemy of the civil rights movement at the time, blacks often sought solace there. Explain.

10. What phenomena emerged that may have caused the end of the alliance between blacks and conservative whites?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose and describe one of the major cities in the south in the year 1877. Include the social, political, economical and criminal atmospheres. Also discuss the city's culture at that time, including music and other entertainment.

Essay Topic 2

Lincoln often avoided the topics of abolition, slave ownership and interracial marriage. Why? Was the restriction a personal choice or made for the benefit of Lincoln's political career? How might the Democrats have responded if Lincoln had addressed these issues at Gettysburg? Since these topics were avoided, what main topic did Lincoln speak about at Gettysburg?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast racism in Europe with racism in America. Use examples from the 1920s as well as today.

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