The Strange Career of Jim Crow Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. According to the text, what was included in the first segment of southern history as we know it? How many segments are there in total?

Southern history can be seen in four segments. The first segment refers to the "Old" South in which it was common to see plantations and slavery. These actions were supported by law, church, schools, and press.

2. What major step is included in the second phase of history in the south? What was it called?

The second step involved the new order of Reconstruction. This included occupation and a changed federal Constitution.

3. What important period does the third segment of the history follow? How does it relate to the others? How was this period characterized?

The third regime followed the Reconstruction. In relation to the other segments, this segment was the longest period. It was characterized by the reign of "Jim Crow."

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