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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Of Old Regimes and Reconstruction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word was often used to describe the status of a black person, whether or not he was free?
(a) Worthless.
(b) Inferior.
(c) Worthy.
(d) Regal.

2. What was another name for the outdated laws that pigeon-holed blacks?
(a) Jim Crow.
(b) Slavery Act of 1861.
(c) Reprehensible.
(d) Plantation laws.

3. What major historical event took place in the 1870s?
(a) Emancipation Proclamation.
(b) Great Compromise.
(c) Civil War.
(d) Gettysburg Address.

4. Which of the following was not part of the fourth segment?
(a) Birth of Martin Luther King.
(b) New federal support.
(c) Action by civil rights leaders.
(d) Demise of Jim Crow.

5. What trait did both the Democrat and Republican parties share at the time?
(a) Work toward desegregation.
(b) Uniting North and South.
(c) Fending off foreign enemies.
(d) Belief in white supremacy.

Short Answer Questions

1. A small minority of domestic slaves developed what with their masters?

2. In what month did the Brown case come to an end?

3. What word best describes the existing laws regarding the rights of black?

4. According to the author, only a small percentage of ______ has escaped attack.

5. How many segments can Southern history be divided into?

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