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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What famous court case was monumental in changing laws and views regarding segregation?
(a) Brown vv. the Board of Education.
(b) Tennessee Evolution Case.
(c) Roe vv. Wade.
(d) Scopes Trial.

2. Which of the following groups were not required to follow the new segregation laws?
(a) Labor unions.
(b) Military.
(c) Churches.
(d) Restaurants.

3. What major historical event took place in the 1870s?
(a) Civil War.
(b) Emancipation Proclamation.
(c) Great Compromise.
(d) Gettysburg Address.

4. According to the author, only a small percentage of ______ has escaped attack.
(a) Segregation code.
(b) Underground railroad.
(c) Blacks.
(d) Northern laws.

5. Which of the following was not part of the fourth segment?
(a) Demise of Jim Crow.
(b) Birth of Martin Luther King.
(c) New federal support.
(d) Action by civil rights leaders.

Short Answer Questions

1. What aspect of Southern history involves plantations and slaves?

2. In what month did the Brown case come to an end?

3. In what year did this major historical event take place?

4. What term was used to describe former slaves?

5. What segment of the changes that took place in the South lasted the longest?

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