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• Southern history is divided into four segments:

• Old South

• Regime of Jim Crow

• Post-Reconstruction

• Efforts to improve racial equality
• Great Comprise is discussed.
• Segregation is examined.
• Brown vs Board of Education is discussed.
• The rise and fall of Jim Crow is also discussed.

Of Old Regimes and Reconstruction

• Current race relations are still influenced by slavery.
• Slavery was a means of creating subordinates.
• The evolution of post-slavery years is discussed.
• North and South are compared in regards to demographics.
• Jim Crow brought to light existing conditions.

Forgotten Alternatives

• Southerners regain control.

• Some private institutions became integrated.

• Public facilities were segregated.
• Northeastern states were more amenable to desegregation.
• Southern liberals speak out.

• Conservatives help racial equality.
• Federal action took place.

• Racial tensions still grew.
• Author discusses Democrats, Republicans and Populists.

Capitulation to Racism

• Jim Crow laws tighten.
• Certain factions begin to withdraw from support of black civil rights...

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