The Storyteller's Secret Fun Activities

Sejal Badani
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Make a Dish

Choose one of the traditional dishes discussed in the novel. Look up a recipe and try to cook it.

Make a Movie Poster

Using images from the internet or hand-drawn sketches, make a poster advertising an imagined movie version the book.

Make a Soundtrack

Choose at least ten (10) songs you would use you accompany the novel. Add to your list of songs the chapters to which they correspond.

Make a Movie Cast

Whom would you cast as Jaya, Patrick, Lena, Amisha, Ravi, Amit, Misha, Deepak, Chara, and Stephen? Choose ten (10) actors and actresses to represent these characters.

Draw a Temple

Draw a sketch of the Temple where Amisha, Jaya, and Ravi frequently go to pray.

Protest the British Raj

Make a poster in which you protest the British rule of India from the perspective of an Indian person.

Make a poster in...

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