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Short Answer Questions

1. The day after Sage heard her grandmother's story, what type of drink does Rocco fix for Sage?

2. What punishment did the whole block suffer because a new girl turned left instead of right?

3. How many people were rounded up from the Astoria the afternoon that Minka and Josek had their date?

4. How long had Darija been at Aushwitz before Minka arrived?

5. What time do Sage and Leo pull into Westerbrook after leaving her grandmother?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Aleks happen to kill Ania's father?

2. Who was Josef's first choice to ask to kill him?

3. When Sage stops in the bakery after talking with Josef in Section 7, why is it busier than usual?

4. In Section 7, why does Sage want to borrow the kitchen at the bakery?

5. What happened while the soldiers were whipping Aleks?

6. Why does Mary say it is important to forgive?

7. How was Minka allowed to continue her education?

8. What does Leo notice about the way Sage acts around her sisters?

9. What did Leo's mother dream?

10. What does Sage do when she views her grandmother in the casket?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sage cannot understand how Josef has lived as a normal person after all he has done. Does Josef believe he is a normal person? Has he successfully lived as one?

Essay Topic 2

On the surface, Sage and Josef don't seem to have anything in common. What draws the two of them together to become friends?

Essay Topic 3

Josef wants Sage to help him die. Why does Josef choose Sage to help him, and why does he want to die now?

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