The Storyteller (Jodi Picoult) Fun Activities

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Write an obituary for Minka.

Minka's Rolls

Bake Minka's Rolls using the recipe in the back of the book.


Write an explanation for why Sage always tried to hide her scar.

Josef's Obituary

Discuss with a group what type of obituary appeared in the local paper for Josef.

Ania's Story

Write your ending to Ania's story.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask Picoult if you could interview her.

Character Comparison

Compare yourself to a character in the novel.


Discuss with a group the role of religion in the novel.

Josef's Request

Discuss with a group the reason why Josef wanted someone to kill him rather than just commit suicide.

Sage's Portrait

Draw a picture of Sage.


Write a diary entry that Sage's mother might have written.

Book Cover

Create a cover for the book.

The Storyteller - The Movie

Imagine that...

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