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Essay Topic 1

Sage attends a grief therapy group. Why does Sage attend the group if it isn't helping her cope with her grief?

Essay Topic 2

On the surface, Sage and Josef don't seem to have anything in common. What draws the two of them together to become friends?

Essay Topic 3

Sage has a boyfriend. What is unusual about their relationship?

Essay Topic 4

Josef wants Sage to help him die. Why does Josef choose Sage to help him, and why does he want to die now?

Essay Topic 5

Sage isn't sure what to do after Josef makes his request. How does Sage try to get advice as to what she should do?

Essay Topic 6

Leo is a lawyer. Why did Leo give up a high-powered career to work in office of Human Rights and Special Prosecutions?

Essay Topic 7

Mary hires a man named Charles to help out in the...

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