The Storyteller (Jodi Picoult) Character Descriptions

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Sage Singer

This character has a facial scar and is a baker.

Josef Weber/Franz Hartmann

This character is a German immigrant who is 95 and has taught German, coached baseball, and other things that make him respected around town.

Leo Stein

This character is a graduate of the Harvard Law School, who gave up a good career to work for the Department of Justice.

Minka Singer

This character is a Polish Jew who was a prisoner at Auschwitz and now lives in the United States.

Mary DeAngeles

This character is a former nun who runs a bakery, but doesn't do any of the baking.


This character is a barista who only speaks in haiku.

Adam Lancaster

This character is a funeral director who is having an affair.

Characters in Minka's story

These characters are individuals in a story written before, during, and after the author's time in Auschwitz...

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