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Part I, Pages 1-48

- Ania's father constantly provided details for the funeral he wanted when he was gone.

- He was a baker, and everyday he would make a special roll for Ania in addition to the other baked goods he created.

- They lived in a small village where everyone knew one another.

- Trouble started on Ania's birthday; farmers complained that chickens are calves had been killed; Baruch Beiler, the tax collector, said the trouble was caused by a fox or wildcat.

- One day Beiler came to Ania's home to collect the tax, but Ania's father doesn't have the money.

- Beiler gave them until the end of the week to come up with the money, grabbed a boule from the shelf, and left.

- The members of Sage's grief therapy group are to bring something that reminds them of their loved one; Mrs...

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