Objects & Places from The Story of B

Daniel Quinn
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Laurentian Order

This is the Christian denomination in which Jared Osborne is a priest.

Ammonite Fossil

This is a gift Charles gives to Jared, saying he will eventually explain the object in his lessons. The object contains a note from Charles.


This is a city in Germany which B uses as a home base since it is near the medical facility that specializes in Shirin's disease.

Schauspielhaus Wahnfried

This is the theater, which gets bombed and where B holds many of his lectures.

Little Bohemia

This is a tavern that Charles frequents and where he begins teaching Jared.


The airport is located in this German city.

St. Edward's

This church is where Jared serves as a priest before being sent to Germany to investigate claims that Charles Atterley is the Antichrist.


This is the location where Shirin takes Jared to continue his training after Charles...

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