The Story of B Character Descriptions

Daniel Quinn
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Jared Osborne

This character, a priest of the Laurentian Order, keeps a diary of his investigation of a person teaching new ideas to followers.


This is an idea, which represents a person who cannot return to what he or she once was, and is applicable to several character in the novel.

Charles Atterley

This character has piercing eyes, a beaky nose, broad cheek bones, and a wide mouth. The character is assassinated on a train after giving a lecture at university.


This character, who initially signs for another character during lectures, has a strangely marked face due to diseases.

Fr. Bernard Lulfre

This character sends another character to Europe to investigate a person teaching new ideas to followers.

Michael Dershinsky

This character, who is tall and clumsy with a funny face, is a follower of new ideas in Germany and helps the main character several times...

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