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Daniel Quinn
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Section 1: Friday, May 10; Tuesday, May 14; Thursday, May 16 & Friday, May 17

• Jared is a priest, though not a very good one, who attends St. Jerome's University before being loaned to the Laurentian diocese for work in the parochial trenches and eventually winding up at St. Edward's.

• Jared begins his diary on May 10 and says he was intrigued six days earlier when he was summoned to the office of Fr. Lulfre.

• Lulfre reminds Jared of the sacred mandate of their order, to suppress or destroy the Antichrist.

• A potential candidate has appeared in Europe in the form of Charles Atterley, and Jared is sent to investigate these claims.

• Jared arrives in Salzburg on May 14, but no one there has heard of Charles, so Jared searches for him in Munich.
• Jared encounters Herr Reichmann, an European gentleman, who tells him that he may find a contact to advise him of Charles at...

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