The Stories of Ray Bradbury Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Explain the situation that plagues Timothy Elliot in "Homecoming." Why does Timothy feel like an outcast?

In "Homecoming" Timothy Elliot, is a fourteen-year-old child who is referred to as being "sick" by his family. The Elliot family is comprised of members who are monsters, most of which are vampires. Timothy feels isolated from his family because he does not drink blood and does not sleep in a coffin.

2. What happens to Uncle Einar as he returns to from the Elliot family reunion? How does the event change Einar's life?

In "Uncle Einar", the flying bat-man Einar returns to Europe from the Elliot family reunion. Along the way Einar accidentally flies into a power line. He crashes and is found by a woman who falls in love with him. Einar falls in love with the woman; they marry and raise a family of apparently normal children.

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