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Lesson 1 (from Stories 1 - 10)


In "Homecoming," Timothy Elliot is faced with a gathering of unusual family members. Because there are so many weird relatives, Timothy feels estranged. Discuss Timothy's feelings, what is unusual about the situation and how you might handle it.


1. Discuss the situation plaguing Timothy Elliot. What is Timothy's biggest concern? Why is the boy upset? Is the problem rational or irrational? How do you think you would feel in Timothy's spot? Would you try to fit in or celebrate being unique? How do the family members treat Timothy? Does Timothy receive special treatment for being "sick?" Do you think there is anything wrong with Timothy? How might an outsider view the situation? Do you think Timothy's views will change as he gets older?

2. Draw a family portrait of the Elliots OR collect photos from random sources and create a collage of various family members. Be sure...

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