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Build a Marionette

Build a marionette as inspired by "Marionettes, Inc." Put on a show for family and friends.

Learn about Gravity

Learn about gravity by researching the gravitational pull on earth compared to Mars. Drop items from varying heights to understand how gravity works.

Design a Space Suit

Design a space suit for modern use. Make it usable inside a space ship as well as out in space without any other support.

Create Wallpaper

Create unusual wallpaper as inspired by "The Veldt." Would you choose to animals or large designs or would you choose to do something subtle?

Write a Short Story

Write a short story about being invisible. What would you do for fun? Would you tell anyone or would you keep it a secret?

Read about Time Travel

Choose a book on time travel. How is the story different from "A Sound of Thunder?" One...

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