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Stories 1 - 10

• In "The Night," Shorts spends an evening at home.

• Shorts' brother is missing.

• The mother goes looking for Skipper.

• Shorts is afraid of the gully.

• Skipper returns when his mother calls.

• In "Homecoming" reader meets Timothy, a normal boy that lives among monsters.

• Most of Timothy's family are vampires.

• The Elliots have a family reunion.

• "Homecoming" makes a segue into "Uncle Einar."

• Uncle Einar is a batman that falls in love with a mortal woman.

• Einar gets married, settles down and gives up flying.

• In "The Traveler" Ceci has a nightmare about her Uncle Jonn going insane.

• The dream is a prophecy.
• In "The Coffin," Charles focuses on creating an automated coffin.

• Charles makes Richard promise to bury him in the coffin.

• Richard buries Charles in a pine box.

• Richard is taken by the automated coffin and is embalmed.

• In "The Crowd," Spallner is involved in...

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