The Stones of Florence Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. According to Chapter 1, what is the tourist's reaction to Florence? Why?

As the author describes in Chapter 1, tourists generally do not appreciate Florence because it is a noisy, crowded, hot city that does not have the beauty or comfort of other cities such as Venice or Siena.

2. Why does the author describe Florence as a "manly town" in Chapter 1?

The author describes Florence as a "manly town" in Chapter 1 due to its coloring and its culture. The architecture of the whole city is done in neutral tones such as white, black, brown, and gray, and its residents live rather ascetic, straightforward lives that do not allow for much luxury.

3. Describe the typical interior and exterior of Florence palaces.

On the interior, the Florentine palaces are inviting and homey, but on the exterior, they are monstrous and seem, according to the author, like "fortresses or dungeons." The exterior in no way makes the visitor to Florence feel welcome.

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