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Ponte Vecchio

This object is a bridge that has been destroyed by floods and rebuilt several times.

The Baptistery

This building, which belongs to the Cathedral, has an octagonal shape and is done in black and white.

Piazza del Duomo

This place is an artistic and engineering wonder envisioned and created by Arnolfo and Brunelleschi.


This is the town of which Catiline took control before the founding of Florence.


This place is where the war between the Guelphs and Ghibellines began.

The Louvre

This place is Paris's most well-known art museum.

The Uffizi

This place is one of the famous art museums in Florence; the author describes it as being unbearably hot in the summer due to its massive glass windows.

This place contains one part of Uccello's "The Battle of San Romano" and Botticelli's "The Mystic Adoration."


In contrast...

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