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Map of Florence

Find a map of modern Florence and use it to locate some of the principal locations from the book, such as the Arno, the Uffizi, the Duomo, and the Boboli Garden.

Tuscan Towers

Using whatever medium you may have available, such as clay, toothpicks, or cardboard, build a replica of a Florentine tower.

Florentine Food

Turn to the list of common Florentine foodstuffs described in Chapter 7. Assign a different food for each student to bring to class for a Florentine picnic.

Lesser Artists

Look up some of the works of the artists mentioned in Chapter 7 as having been commissioned by Cosimo I. What are the characteristics of their paintings? How are they not as compelling as the works of some of the master artists such as Leonardo or Michelangelo?

Egg Trick

Reenact Brunellesci's "egg trick." Is the task of getting a broken egg to stand...

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