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Chapter 1

• Florence is a city that tourists generally do not appreciate.

• While other Italian cities are far more attractive and hospitable to strangers, Florence is full of neutral tones and unpleasant weather.
• The crowds and noise in Florence are almost unbearable and even dangerous at times.

• The tourist does not have much of an opportunity to carefully observe the famous sculptures or architecture.

• The city government tried to pass a law forbidding Vespas to make a lot of noise in the early hours of the morning, but the working class rebelled.

• As a solution to the city's overcrowding, the idea of a "satellite" city out in the country was considered but eventually rejected in favor of saving the rural Tuscan scenery.
• Foreign poets and idealists in the past centuries have dramatically idealized Florence and presented almost entirely unrealistic portraits of it as a "dear bit of the old...

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