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Jemisin, N. K.
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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to people who are too injured to keep up with the rest of Castrima?

2. What does Nassun say when Essun offers to help her take care of Schaffa?

3. What happened to Kelenli after Syl Anagist fell?

4. What does the onyx obelisk recognize in Essun that persuades it to side with her when she resists Nassun at Corepoint?

5. What do most of the obelisks do after the Gate is used at Corepoint?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Nassun react when Essun is transformed by the power of the Obelisk Gate?

2. How does Nassun respond when Essun hesitates to help her activate the obelisk gate?

3. How does Kelenli describe the relationship between the tuners and the Niess when she explains the history of the Niess to the tuners?

4. What happens to the tuners on their way to Kelenli’s home during their second lesson?

5. What happens to Lerna on the journey to Corepoint?

6. Where did the tuners go on their trip to Site Zero?

7. While Nassun is distracted, what does Schaffa do in the chamber where the Guardians are kept?

8. How did the Earth access the Plutonic Engine when Syl Anagist first activated it?

9. How are Kelenli and Gallat related?

10. How does Steel explain Schaffa's longevity compared to other Guardians?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hoa is an observant character and has lived longer than the other viewpoint characters in the book. Analyze his descriptions of Syl Anagist from the Prologue. How do his descriptions suggest his feelings about Syl Anagist? How does he foreshadow the events of the novel? How could Hoa’s feelings influence our understanding of Syl Anagist?

Essay Topic 2

In Syl Anagist: Zero, Hoa says, “But sometimes, when the world is hard, love must be harder still” (Jemisin 321). Explain the meaning of this quote, both in its immediate context and in the context of the novel as a whole. How do different characters demonstrate this idea? How can we apply it to the novel’s resolution?

Essay Topic 3

Dynamic characters are characters whose personalities, attitudes or behaviors change over the course of a work of fiction. Choose one character from the novel and explain why they are a dynamic character. In your explanation, analyze the changes that they undergo over the course of their character arc and what these changes signify about the novel’s themes.

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