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Jemisin, N. K.
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through “Syl Anagist: One” - "12: Nassun, not alone".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Nassun's companions on her journey from Found Moon?
(a) Tonkee and Hjarka.
(b) Nida and Umber.
(c) Ykka and Lerna.
(d) Steel and Schaffa.

2. How does Nassun power the Station?
(a) She channels magic from the obelisk into the black vines.
(b) She hooks it up to a nuclear generator.
(c) She installs a special battery.
(d) She has Schaffa power it with his silver.

3. What route does the vehimal take from Old Man's Pucker?
(a) It crawls around the equator of the Earth.
(b) It crawls along the bottom of the ocean.
(c) It goes straight to the Moon.
(d) It crawls straight through the center of the Earth to the other side.

4. How did the tuners prefer to communicate?
(a) English.
(b) Sign Language.
(c) Earth Talk.
(d) Sylanagistine.

5. What is unusual about the animals and plants in Old Man's Pucker?
(a) They are all carnivorous.
(b) They all smell artificial.
(c) Their life force flows more clearly than usual.
(d) They can talk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disturbs Nassun about the Moon?

2. Which obelisk did the tuners live closest to in Syl Anagist?

3. What is wrong with the wall around the city of Rennanis?

4. What did Essun do before the beginning of the novel to upset the head woman of Castrima?

5. What happens to the body of the man Ykka kills in "3: You, Imbalanced"?

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