The Stone Sky Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Jemisin, N. K.
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "7: you're planning ahead"-"8: Nassun underground" .

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nassun sometimes sooth Schaffa when Father Earth tortures him?
(a) She feeds him some of her silver magic when he is not paying attention.
(b) She tells him stories about good times she had with her mother.
(c) She makes his favorite food.
(d) She sings his favorite song.

2. Where must Schaffa and Nassun go to find the deadciv Station?
(a) Yumenes.
(b) The highroads.
(c) Old Man's Pucker.
(d) The Rifting.

3. What is unusual about the animals and plants in Old Man's Pucker?
(a) They can talk.
(b) They are all carnivorous.
(c) Their life force flows more clearly than usual.
(d) They all smell artificial.

4. What does Ykka do with Maxixe's band of followers after the encounter at the stone forest?
(a) She puts their fate up to a vote.
(b) She allows them to join Castrima.
(c) She leads them into a deadly trap.
(d) She tells them to get lost.

5. How does Nassun power the Station?
(a) She hooks it up to a nuclear generator.
(b) She has Schaffa power it with his silver.
(c) She installs a special battery.
(d) She channels magic from the obelisk into the black vines.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Nassun and Schaffa reach the bottom of the deadciv ruins inside Old Man Pucker?

2. What organ do the tuners and orogenes use for their powers?

3. What did the Conductors try to do to help the tuners blend in during their field trip?

4. Why does Essun suggest that the orogenes should stay awake all night as Castrima navigates the stone forest?

5. How does the vehimal propel itself after Nassun summons it?

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