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Jemisin, N. K.
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Syl Anagist: Zero” – "13: Nassun and Essun on the dark side of the world" .

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Kelenli after Syl Anagist fell?
(a) She had orogene children and trained new Lorists.
(b) She became the new president of Syl Anagist.
(c) She and Hoa lived peacefully on an island together.
(d) She and Gallat reconciled and moved in together.

2. Where does Nassun chase Schaffa when he arises at Corepoint?
(a) Back to the vehimal station.
(b) Into the tunnels of Warrant.
(c) Through the streets of Corepoint.
(d) Back to the apartment.

3. What reason did Kelenli give when the tuners asked why she laughed at people's fear of her?
(a) When people hate you for who you are, there is nothing else you can do to change their mind.
(b) She thought people only pretend to fear her as a joke.
(c) She was terrifying on purpose.
(d) It disguised her deep-seated sadness.

4. Why can Essun sense Nassun using magic and orogeny?
(a) Nassun is Essun's daughter.
(b) Nassun has a powerful magnet.
(c) Nassun is bound to the sapphire obelisk.
(d) Nassun is very nearby.

5. Who controls the contaminated Guardians that attack Nassun at Found Moon?
(a) The Earth.
(b) The Moon.
(c) The Fulcrum.
(d) The stone eaters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nassun think of when Schaffa asks her if she wants to fix the world or end it?

2. Whose journals appear at the end of multiple chapters throughout the novel?

3. Which obelisk did the tuners live closest to in Syl Anagist?

4. How does Nassun sometimes sooth Schaffa when Father Earth tortures him?

5. Who made the stone forest?

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