Objects & Places from The Stone Sky

Jemisin, N. K.
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This item, a small piece of the Earth's core, is implanted into the brainstems of Guardians. This allows the Earth to manipulate the Guardians using magic.

Onyx Obelisk

This object is the most powerful fragment within a complex magical device. It is used to coordinate and control most of the obelisks.


This object is an advanced sylanagistine vehicle that lives and is powered by magic.

Plutonic Engine

This powerful device incorporates advanced magic and orogeny. It is designed to draw power from the life-force of the Earth itself.


This force permeates all living things, manifesting as silver threads that can be manipulated by certain individuals and technologies.

The Moon

This symbol is the Earth's lost child, which humanity knows only through legends of mankind knocking it from the sky.

The Briar Patch

This device is a network of artificial black vines that draw power from...

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