The Stone Sky Character Descriptions

Jemisin, N. K.
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This character is a stone-eater who lived thousands of years ago in a civilization called Syl Anagist, where he worked as a genetically engineered servant called a tuner.


This character is a powerful orogene who wants to reunited with her daughter and open the Obelisk Gate to put an end to the current Season.


This character is a young orogene who recently had to defend herself against a deadly attack from her father; now she wishes to use her power to crash the Moon into the Earth, putting an end to her people's suffering.


This character is a Guardian. His current orogene is the daughter of an orogene he hurt many years ago. He is contaminated by a malevolent force living in the heart of the planet, yet he resists its torture out of love for his orogene.


This character is an orogene...

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