The Stone Sky Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jemisin, N. K.
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"Prologue: Me When I was I" - "Syl Anagist: Five"

• The chapter titled "Prologue: me, when I was I" begins on page 1.

• The novel takes place in the distant future of planet Earth on a supercontinent known as The Stillness.

• The whole book is narrated by Hoa, a stone eater.

• Stone eaters are a mysterious race of humanoids who resemble moving statues. They are strong, fast and capable of swimming through solid ground.

• Hoa narrates his story to a woman named Essun, whom he refers to in the second person.

• Hoa describes the sprawling nation of Syl Anagist, which he destroyed.

• Syl Anagist was inconceivably advanced, featuring technology powered by a network of obelisks.

• The obelisks float in the sky and most still work even though Syl Anagist was destroyed.

• Before Syl Anagist's destruction, the obelisks remained on the ground.

• The obelisks draw a silver energy from living...

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