The Starless Sea Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Erin Morgenstern
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Essay Topic 1

The setting in a book is the place or places where characters live or events occur. Is the setting a neutral background, not important to the novel, or does the setting take on the role of a character?

Essay Topic 2

Acolytes, guardians, and keepers make sacrifices. What is revealed about attaining goals and making sacrifices?

Essay Topic 3

What insights do readers gain from flashbacks in this novel? How do the flashbacks impact the narrative and develop characters?

Essay Topic 4

Zachary often struggles to decide if what he is experiencing is real. What experiences make Zachary wonder if he is dreaming or making up stories? What prevents him from writing off the fantastical things he experiences as fantasy or hallucination?

Essay Topic 5

Eleanor was exploring in the woods when she opened a door that took her to the Harbor. How old was Eleanor when she came to...

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