The Spy's Wife Character Descriptions

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Molly Keatley

The plot follows this character's journey upon her learning that her husband is a spy.

Sam Keatley

This character is in his forties and works as journalist for The New Technocrat newspaper, but he is secretly a spy for the Russian government.


This character originally comes across as insensitive and tactless; however, as the story moves on, this view changes. His later gestures cause him to be perceived as caring and compassionate.

Trevor Challenger

As a young man, this character had been seen as one of Doncaster's most eligible bachelors. He had been sporty and full of prospects and future plans for living abroad.

Sally Anne Hibbert

This character is a former girlfriend of one of the main characters when attending university together.

Ivor Haddington

This character is described as a placid, laid-back man from the outset.

Mrs. Haddington

This is a character who is...

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