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Chapter 1

• The story opens with the main character, Molly, washing dishes at the sink when she hears the front door open.

• She looks outside and sees that her husband carelessly ruined one of her rosebushes as he parked his car in the driveway.

• Sam immediately goes upstairs while Molly gets angrier.

• When Sam comes back down stairs, Molly gives him grief about ruining her rose bush. Sam apologizes.

• Molly asks him why he is a big hurry but Sam ignores her questions.

• Sam leaves the house, making more of a mess both in the house and in her garden.

• Molly watches the car drive away.

Chapter 2

• Right after Sam leaves, a young man named Aspinall arrives at Molly's home.

• Molly believes him to be a salesman and treats him in an unfriendly manner.

• The conversation turns awkward when he shows her his badge and asks her questions about...

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