The Spy Who Loved Me Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the Dreamy Pines Motor Court motel.

The Dreamy Pines Motor Court motel is a cozy, family-oriented motel with more than a dozen cabins nested around a main lobby building.

2. Why does Viv have to stay an extra night at the motel?

Viv has to stay an extra night at the hotel to hand over the keys to the owner in the morning. The manager and his wife, Mr and Mrs Phancey, usually do it themselves, but it is the end of the season and they want to leave a little earlier.

3. Why does Viv turn on the vacancy sign?

Viv turns on the vacancy sign because there is a violent storm brewing and she does not want to be by herself. She is not supposed to accept anymore customers, but she is sure the owner will understand if she takes in one more.

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