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This is a prestigious college in England.

The Royalty Kinema

This is a movie theater in Windsor where Viv and Derek often spend their afternoons.

Chelsea Clarion

This is a weekly publication where Viv gets her first job and becomes a talented writer.

Verband Westdeutscher Zeitungen

This is the German equivalent of Reuters.

Saddle Bags

Viv uses these to carry her luggage while she is traveling on the Vespa.

Clothes Closet

Sluggsy cuts into the back of this in order to get into Viv's room the night Bond arrives at the Dreamy Pines Motor Court.

Cabin Number Three

This is where Viv and Bond stay in after Horror and Sluggsy are believed to be dead.


Viv is driving through America on one of these.

Dreamy Pines Motor Court

This is the motel where Viv stops for the night and ends up accepting a job offer.


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