The Spy Who Loved Me Character Descriptions

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Vivienne Michel

Her affection-starved childhood leaves her anxious to find love in her relationships with men, but she has little success. Her first love turns out to want her her for physical pleasures.

James Bond

He is in America after finishing a case in Canada where his life was in danger. He is driving to Washington to make a report on his case when he has a flat tire near the Dreamy Pines Motor Court.


He is one of the mobsters who takes over the motel. He is a bad-tempered man who has just gotten out of jail.


He is a hairless creep who is highly sexual and threatens to rape Viv on several occasions.

Derek Mallaby

He is a privileged young man who has been accepted at Oxford. He meets Viv at a party and invites her to his hometown of Windsor for a ride...

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