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Part One, Me, Chapter 1, Scaredy Cat

• Viv Michel watches the Phanceys drive away, relieved to have finally have the place to herself.

• Viv is at the Dreamy Pines Motor Court. She thinks about handing the keys over to the new manager in the morning.
• Viv stand outside the motel for a few minutes. She feels a storm brewing and regrets that it cause the birds to fall silent.

• Inside the motel, Viv feels frightened as she listens to the storm.
• With the storm blowing hard, Viv decides she does not want to be alone anymore and turns on the vacancy sign.

• Viv turns on the vacancy sign at the same time lightning fills the sky. The resulting shock knocks her unconscious.

Part One, Me, Chapter 2, Dead Dead Days, and Chapter 3, Spring's Awakening

• Viv wakes up to find herself unharmed from the electric shock. She goes to her cabin...

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