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Mary Doria Russell
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cleveland and San Juan: 2015-2019, Arecibo: May 2019.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The _________ Consortium was one of the financial backers of the mission who fed the drama in exchange for attention and money.
(a) Universal.
(b) Contact.
(c) Sagan.
(d) Jesuit.

2. A few determined _____________ try to get into Sandoz's room, which continues to upset him further.
(a) Cardinals.
(b) Thieves.
(c) Children.
(d) Reporters.

3. Jimmy Quinn proposes to study one or several AI programs and the ______________ that each program is based on.
(a) Mathematics.
(b) Planet.
(c) Alien form.
(d) Human worker.

4. Emilio Sandoz meets with __________________ for the first time in August 2014 on the campus of John Carroll University.
(a) Sofia Mendes.
(b) Jimmy Quinn.
(c) George Smith.
(d) John Candotti.

5. At the present time, no one remembers how beloved and respected ____________ was in the community and in the world.
(a) Voelker.
(b) Sandoz.
(c) Mendes.
(d) Candotti.

Short Answer Questions

1. How will Jimmy Quinn fund the programs that he is intending to follow and to cover during his time at Arecibo?

2. Sofia confesses that she is bound to a ____________ by a broker who is paying for her tuition.

3. From what country is Father Candotti, the one who eventually reaches out to Sandoz and talks with him about his experiences?

4. What did Jean-Claude Jaubert offer to Sofia as a way for her to get out of her position?

5. Anne opens up a medical clinic in Puerto Rico and ___________ tutors kids in math and technology.

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