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Short Answer Questions

1. After Christianity is declared the religion of the empire, what does Rome want to build in Makor?

2. In 1500, Safed is a sleepy town of a thousand inhabitants. Within ninety years, it becomes a bustling city of approximately how many inhabitants?

3. The Mamelukes take over the Muslim Empire from Damascus. Volkmar requests permission from the Mamelukes to do what?

4. When Menahem wants to marry Jael, daughter of Rabbi Asher, what does the rabbi do?

5. What happens when Abd Umar and his army reach Makor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when the Jews defend Safed in 1948?

2. Who is Shmuel Hacohen, and what does he want from Tabari?

3. Why does Dr. Abulafia flee Spain during the Inquisition?

4. Where are Vered Bar-El and John Cullinane as the chapter "The Tell" opens?

5. In the chapter "Rabbi Itzik and the Sabra," the reader meets Vered Bar-El in her youth. Describe who she is and what she does in this chapter.

6. Describe the trip Volkmar the Eighth takes with his young son.

7. In Safed, why does Rabbi Itzik of Vodzh decline to join the Jews who are singing in preparation for battle prior to the city being turned over to Arab rule?

8. In "The Law," why does Menahem become Christian?

9. Summarize the state of Makor when Christianity prevails in the region around 313 C.E.

10. Explain what the rabbis determine in "The Law" about what really bonds the Jewish people.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write about the city of Safed during its boom time in the 1500s. How did it go from a sleepy town of a thousand residents to a bustling trade center with more than sixty thousand inhabitants? What caused this city to grow so much in less than ninety years?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the progress Makor experiences and the advances reached from the time of Ur to the time of his descendant, Urbaal. How much time elapses between these two eras? In what ways does the region improve? In what ways is the original society of Ur better off than the more recent one of Urbaal?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the love triangle that exists between Cullinane, Bar-El, and Eliav. Why is Bar-El loyal to Eliav? Why does Cullinane continue to pursue Bar-El despite her loyalty to Eliav? If circumstances were different, would Bar-El be interested in a long-term relationship with Cullinane? Why does the author throw in a surprise ending with Paul Zodman? Support your answers with passages from the book.

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