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Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to a castle the team is looking for, the archaeologists believe that the Makor site will reveal what else?

2. When the men of Makor return home after fighting with an army that is ultimately defeated, Gomer's son is _____.

3. When Makor is part of the Seleucid Empire and an edict is given stating that Jews can no longer circumcise their male children, some Jews justify this order while others _____.

4. What did the engineer Hoopoe do for Makor?

5. In 2200 B.C.E., about seven thousand years after Makor is first inhabited, what types of dwellings are found there?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the priests of Makor have Urbaal killed?

2. Gomer is certain that her son is meant to accomplish a special purpose. Does he live up to her expectations?

3. Describe how Ur and his family live during Makor's earliest days.

4. Through the sites John Cullinane sees as he arrives in Israel by ship, describe some of the multicultural and multi-faith aspects of the area.

5. Explain why Kerith is miserable in Makor.

6. How is being the mouthpiece of Yahweh both a blessing and a curse for Gomer?

7. What is the outcome of the battle between Zadok's people and Uriel's people?

8. Summarize what Dr. Cullinane writes about the early society of Makor in his progress report of the first year of the dig.

9. Explain who Gomer and Rimmon are.

10. Explain who John Cullinane is and what he is doing in Israel.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write about the city of Safed during its boom time in the 1500s. How did it go from a sleepy town of a thousand residents to a bustling trade center with more than sixty thousand inhabitants? What caused this city to grow so much in less than ninety years?

Essay Topic 2

In each chapter, the author tells stories about different people living in different eras, but he always returns to the present and reveals what is happening at the dig in Makor. How does the present-day archaeological dig serve as a tool that ties the book's diverse stories together?

Essay Topic 3

Explain how the existence of different gods, including Baal and Yahweh, leads to problems and ultimately wars among peoples in Makor through various eras. Personalize this conflict through the stories of the engineer Hoopoe and the prophet Gomer. How are people they know and love hurt by the conflicts that arise between different religions based on different gods?

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