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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Timon and Shelomith are ordered to be executed, but after news arrives that Herod is dead they _____.
(a) Find a way to escape.
(b) Are freed.
(c) Are exiled to Antioch.
(d) Are imprisoned indefinitely.

2. Approximately how many of the Jews of Makor agree to support Yigal's plan to oppose the Romans?
(a) Ten percent.
(b) Ninety percent.
(c) Half.
(d) One-fourth.

3. The governor of Makor gives sanctuary to Gershom, who is a what?
(a) Drug dealer.
(b) Dethroned king.
(c) Magician.
(d) Murderer.

4. Who is Urbaal descended from?
(a) Uther.
(b) Baal.
(c) Ur.
(d) Thor.

5. After Roman armies overtake the town of Makor, what happens to Yigal?
(a) He escapes.
(b) He dies of a heart attack.
(c) He is thrown into the lions' den.
(d) He is crucified.

Short Answer Questions

1. Zadok and his people follow El-Shadai's orders and cross the Jordan into the land of:

2. Who does Gomer's son eventually marry?

3. While Cullinane and his associates work on the excavation site, they live and eat where?

4. When Hoopoe is finished with his engineering projects, he lives out his days in Makor doing what?

5. How many daughters does Jeremoth, the governor of Makor, have?

Short Essay Questions

1. As a Hebrew living among Canaanites, what conflicts does Gomer experience?

2. Through the sites John Cullinane sees as he arrives in Israel by ship, describe some of the multicultural and multi-faith aspects of the area.

3. Describe how Ur and his family live during Makor's earliest days.

4. Why does Menalaus have surgery to reverse his circumcision?

5. Explain who Gomer and Rimmon are.

6. Why do the priests of Makor have Urbaal killed?

7. What time and money investment will be required to complete the dig at Makor? How much finances does Cullinane have on hand?

8. What is the outcome of the battle between Zadok's people and Uriel's people?

9. How are Timon and Shelomith saved?

10. How do Yigal and his wife die?

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