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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Abd Umar and his army reach Makor?
(a) There is no military resistance, and only two are killed.
(b) Abd Umar signs a treaty with Makor's religious leaders.
(c) A bloody battle ensues and most of the residents die.
(d) Makor's leaders are imprisoned and the people are enslaved.

2. When Volkmar meets with a Mameluke captain, what concern does the captain raise?
(a) That there is talk of a new Crusade.
(b) That Volkmar is traveling unescorted.
(c) That new, higher taxes will be imposed.
(d) That Volkmar's son will forget his German roots.

3. While the Gottesmanns and other Jews sing sustaining songs at Safed, what does Rabbi Itzik do?
(a) Meets with the mayor of Safed.
(b) Harvests grapes from his vineyard.
(c) Leads Talmud study sessions for his group.
(d) Conducts a private wedding ceremony.

4. Rabbi Asher has the stonecutter Yohanan finish the interior of what in Makor?
(a) Warehouse.
(b) Temple.
(c) Library.
(d) School.

5. The rabbis of Makor believe that even if the Jewish people have no nation, they will always be bound by what?
(a) The Psalm.
(b) The Word.
(c) The Law.
(d) The Song.

6. Isidore Gottesman and other Jews prepare to go to Safed to do what?
(a) Evict the British.
(b) Evict the Dutch.
(c) Defend the city for the Jewish state.
(d) Speak with the mayor in hopes of avoiding a conflict.

7. After Cullinane tells Eliav that he plans to marry Vered Bar-El, what does Eliav say?
(a) Vered finds Cullinane repulsive.
(b) A date for the wedding of Bar-El and Eliav has already been set.
(c) Vered will never marry a non-Jew.
(d) Americans are so rude.

8. When does Islam arrive in Makor?
(a) 803 C.E.
(b) 480 C.E.
(c) 219 C.E.
(d) 635 C.E.

9. The Mamelukes take over the Muslim Empire from Damascus. Volkmar requests permission from the Mamelukes to do what?
(a) Establish a trading post near Damascus.
(b) Negotiate a treaty with their leader.
(c) Build a library in their capital city.
(d) Travel with his son through the empire.

10. Why does Volkmar stop to talk with a group of Jews in Acre?
(a) He wants their help in trading with the Mamelukes.
(b) He wants to learn more about their religion.
(c) He wants to bring more Jews to Makor.
(d) He wants to know what is happening in Jerusalem.

11. Even though Yohanan wants his son Menahem to be a Jew, what do the rabbis tell him?
(a) One day he may be.
(b) He can't be.
(c) He can choose to join the faith when he's twenty-one.
(d) He can choose to join the faith only after he spends twenty years studying.

12. In exchange for water in the Jewish settlements, the leader of Tubariyeh is trying to get baksheesh, which is what?
(a) Immunity against any future mistakes he may make.
(b) A pastry made of honey and dates.
(c) Very thin silver jewelry.
(d) A tip or bribe in exchange for a service.

13. When Faraj ibn Ahmed Tabari travels to Akka by caravan, who does he encounter?
(a) His long lost brother-in-law.
(b) Three orphans from nearby Makor.
(c) One of the men on Hacohen's list.
(d) Two widows lost in the desert.

14. As Volkmar, the eighth Count of Gretz, thinks about what went right and what went wrong during the Crusades, he concludes that _____.
(a) The Turks should have been eliminated.
(b) Children should not have been killed.
(c) The French should have been eliminated.
(d) The Crusaders should have killed fewer people.

15. When the ten Jews in Rabbi Itzik's congregation decide to stay in Safed and tell the other Jews to leave, what is their response?
(a) They laugh and ask the rabbi for some food.
(b) They refuse to go and stay to fight.
(c) They kick the rabbi and his congregation out of town.
(d) They go just outside the city walls and hide.

Short Answer Questions

1. In order for a Byzantine basilica to be built in Makor, what must be destroyed to make room for it?

2. As John Cullinane looks at newspaper clippings with photos of Vered Bar-El, what does he realize?

3. Abd Umar believes that the Jews discovered God, that God sent Jesus Christ as a prophet, and that God sent Muhammad as the next prophet, making Islam what?

4. How does Islam arrive at Makor?

5. As the last chapter of the book opens in November 1964, John Cullinane is at the dig in Makor while Vered Bar-El is in _____.

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