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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The engineer Hoopoe is named after what?
(a) Egyptian lizard.
(b) Arabian mountain lion.
(c) Spanish deer.
(d) Israeli bird.

2. John Cullinane is attracted to Vered Bar-el, but she is not interested in him since she's already engaged to whom?
(a) Ohana.
(b) Tabari.
(c) Eliav.
(d) Zodman.

3. In "The Old Man And His God," the author paints a picture of Makor during what time period?
(a) 312 B.C.E.
(b) 1419 B.C.E.
(c) 1019 C.E.
(d) 42 C.E.

4. During the time of the Seleucid Empire around 167 B.C.E., who is the leader of the Jewish community of Makor?
(a) Ptolemais.
(b) Rimmon.
(c) Nebuchadrezzar.
(d) Jehubabel.

5. In the chapter "Psalm of the Hoopoe Bird," the time line has moved forward to approximately what year?
(a) 963 B.C.E.
(b) 7012 B.C.E.
(c) 123 C.E.
(d) 892 C.E.

6. During the earliest days of Makor, who develops the practice of growing wheat ?
(a) Urbaal's father.
(b) Thurton's son.
(c) Ur's wife.
(d) Thor's sister.

7. Who is the supreme deity of the Seleucids?
(a) Krishna.
(b) Mercury.
(c) Poseidon.
(d) Zeus.

8. Why does Menalaus have his circumcision reversed?
(a) To become a citizen and compete in the Olympics.
(b) To avoid having to pay a fine.
(c) To avoid being executed.
(d) To be able to marry the woman he loves.

9. In addition to growing wheat, the earliest inhabitants of Makor learn to do what?
(a) Build homes near the well.
(b) Plant lemon trees.
(c) Build sailboats using balsa wood.
(d) Plant lettuce patches.

10. How long does it take Gomer and her son to travel from Makor to Jerusalem?
(a) Eight days.
(b) Three days.
(c) Twenty days.
(d) Fifteen days.

11. What job does Gomer's son hold in Makor?
(a) Making bricks.
(b) Fixing tents.
(c) Managing Jeremoth's library.
(d) Supervising Jeremoth's olive grove.

12. Who does Gomer's son eventually marry?
(a) Elsha, daughter of Judah.
(b) Mikal, daughter of Jeremoth.
(c) Shalil, a peasant in Makor.
(d) Sophie, a seer in Jerusalem.

13. Which god does Hoopoe primarily worship?
(a) Baal.
(b) El-Shaddai.
(c) Buddha.
(d) Yahweh.

14. Hoopoe tries to get permission from the governor of Makor to build what?
(a) Spiraling tower.
(b) Water system.
(c) Five-story temple.
(d) Twenty-room mansion.

15. The voice of the Hebrew god El-Shaddai tells the old man Zadok to _____.
(a) Befriend his enemies.
(b) Forgive his brother.
(c) Leave the desert.
(d) Go to the forest.

Short Answer Questions

1. For the Jews, Shabbat is a day of what?

2. The early inhabitants of Makor spend less and less time hunting and more time doing what?

3. In "The Voice of Gomer," why are the Hebrews facing reprisals from Yahweh?

4. What does the name Epiphanes mean?

5. When Hoopoe needs new iron tools to dig tunnels, he travels to get them from where?

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