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Lesson 1 (from The Tell, pp. 11-83)


The Tell, pp. 11-83

In The Source, James A. Michener creates a cast of contemporary characters involved in an archaeological dig. The objective of this lesson is to meet Michener's contemporary characters and understand their significance to the story.


1. Class Discussion: Who is Dr. John Cullilane? What is his profession? Summarize his background. As the book opens, where is he traveling to? Why does he come here? What major project is he overseeing in Israel? What skills does he have that make him the right person for the job? What does he hope to uncover at the dig? From what you've learned in this chapter about Dr. Cullilane, what can you determine about his personality and character? about what motivates him? What does he contribute to the unfolding story?

2. Written Assignment: Describe Cullilane's friends and associates: Jemail Tabari, Dr. Vered Bar-El, and Ilan Eliav. State...

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