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John Cullinane

This character, an archaeologist from the Biblical Museum in Chicago, travels to the Holy Land hoping to conduct some important archaeological digs.

Jemail Tabari

This character is an Oxford educated Arab archaeologist whose father had been a leader during the British occupation and whose grandfather had been the governor of Akko.

Eighth Count of Gretz

This character resides at Ma Coeur in 1289 and prepares for defense against attackers following the end of a truce.

Family of Ur

These characters are some of the first residents of Makor during primitive times. They live in a cave, hunt, and grow wheat.


This character is the engineer who builds the wall around Makor and designs a water system that takes four years to complete.


This character's firstborn son is sacrificed by priests for the supposed good of the community.

Ilan Eliav

This character, a Jew who works...

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