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The Tell, pp. 11-83

• John Cullinane arrives by ship in Israel and sees ancient buildings that reflect the multiculturalism of the region.

• Readers learn that Cullinane is an archaeologist from the Biblical Museum in Chicago, and his expedition is funded in large part by a Chicago millionaire who wants this particular excavation handled with utmost professionalism.

• As he heads to the excavation site called Tell Makor, Cullinane meets several associates.

• Members of his team include archaeologist Jemail Tabari, pottery dating expert Dr. Vered Bar-El, and excavation administrator Ilan Eliav.
• The excavation site is right next to the kibbutz Makor, where Cullinane and others working on the project will live.

• Cullinane maps out his strategy, figuring out where to start digging trenches.

• The scientists are hoping to uncover many important clues from the layers of civilizations buried at Makor.

• They hope to excavate a castle, a basilica, a temple...

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